About Karsten Randolph

Karsten Randolph
Karsten Randolph

Opportunity Knocks.

“I am grateful for the many opportunities – for education, enrichment, employment – that I’ve had throughout my life.  Of course, I’ve had to make the most of these opportunities but, in doing so, I’ve not only expanded my knowledge, I’ve expanded my heart”

Karsten Randolph believes that the best way to show my gratitude is by helping to provide similar opportunities for others.

Among the organizations he is proud to support is The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA).  ADRA works tirelessly to provide opportunities for the under-served to become change-makers in their own lives.

Karsten Randolph believes that each one of us has something unique to offer to those in need. This belief is certainly rooted in his faith, and reinforced in the people he works with and the people he loves.We are all talented and gifted in different ways, and when we work together for a common purpose, we can accomplish great things.

I first learned about the good work of ADRA during my time as a student at Andrews University.  Although ADRA serves millions of lives in more than 130 countries, I’m most touched by the individual stories of families and children.  As a father, I’m even more compelled to help when I read about the parents who have watched their children die of malnutrition, but don’t have the opportunity to provide for them, or access to basic acceptable living conditions.